MA final project about social design

The waste disposal problem is a current issue worldwide. But in Campania, a South Italian region, for 20 years it has became a really dangerous situation.

Campania has became the nation dump for money issues. The bond between politics and the camorra (the local mafia) is helped by the absence of control and the conspiracy of silence of the citizens. The project started gathering information because the national Medias had reported just superficially about the situation, its causes, all the deaths and the poisoning, as well as the complete state of abandon in which the citizens are living.

“Wasteland” was born as an information platform to get information but also able to connect people, making them able to share information and opinions and giving a starting point for future active cooperations between the citizens and the associations. “Wasteland” is a website which provides all the information to have a general and complete overview of the problem.

The sections help to navigate through the main issues (the areas/the people/the system/the story so far) and the interactive sections which get the users involved (download/ blog/links/info).

“Wasteland” ’s campaign plays with the Omertà gestures and invite users to engage in dialogue through the website as an independent media platform.“Omertà” is a popular attitude defined as “code of silence, common in areas of southern Italy, where criminal organizations are strongly rooted. The campaign is going to follow a “following up” idea.

The campaign is organized in a series of posters: the first three represent singularly each gesture personified by one of the three campaign characters at the time (I SEE, I HEAR, I SPEAK).