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Stand’al mondo senz’l mondo

is a play based on dramaturgy cantata of Laude in the vernacular, intertwined with scenes, dances and moments sharing with viewers, all around the action.
A show that evokes the popular rituals of the autumn of the Middle Ages.

This language then dresses the brochures of the same productions where clean and clear lines mark sanding yellowed by time e thus recalling a new way to live the past, a tradition which evolves into contamination.


Con certo sconcerto

What are the three elegant musicians sitting in front of their lecterns waiting for? They are just waiting for the right time to start. And what are they, the songs, for all the different people, who are we in the course of our life? From the concert to the theatrical scene and vice versa, in a curious dialogue with the spectators; a disconcerting comings and goings of actions, poems and memories. “With certain bewilderment” proposes a meeting unusual and daring with the eternal attraction between music and theater: two ephemeral arts, which are enchanted, one with the other, incessantly. So we thought of a convivial evening once again with music, bilingualism, meeting between cultures y … tapas!