Campaign proposals

adv campaign


Strategy and concept idea for a promotion for Benetton. Starting from off line and then on line prospects acquisitions and engagement to final reward delivery.


Promotion for different Allianz products.


What a crash test dummy is doing in a Citroen showroom? He just heard he will get a free cinema card or a free dining card just trying the new models of Citroen during the open days. He is used to test cars. And he can’t miss this chance to test the fun.


In Italian “fare un salto in…” literally means “have a jump in…” but also “pop in…”. So the claim mean as “have a jump in Credem Bank” as “pop in Credem Bank”.
In this strategy for this acquisition of clients Credem Bank invites everyone to jump and pop in its selected branches and boost clients acquisition. Each jump gets a reward.


The previous promotion of Clarins was centered on 7 main products of beauty. This time the brand aimed to follow this theme up but also to enrich the concept and to reward its customers. The claim “You can count on Beauty” reveals how the brand, through a ‘love’ experience (expressed by the peeled off daisy) ensures a targeted reward.